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TRANEMO Non-Metal FR Trousers Windbreaker

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Non-Metal and Inherent Flame Retardant Hi-Vis trousers with nail pockets and a windproof jersey lining.
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Tool holder belt loops in waist. Side pockets. HTFR Dobby reinforced tool pockets with tool strips. Hip pockets with flaps. Left cargo pocket with flap and mobile phone pocket. Right cargo pocket with tool pockets and ruler pocket. HTFR Dobby reinforced and shaped knees with adjustable inside kneepad pockets. Back hem in HTFR Dobby. These trousers have a sewn in lining, size will fit smaller. Special order – please allow an additional 5 days approximately.

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Materiaali: Fluorescent, Ara TX, 260 g/m², EN ISO 11611 CL.1, EN 13034, LOI: 30,1%