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Vasa Energy as its best- since 1892. When our company was started, the citizens in Vasa had a dream to lighten up the pretty streets of Vasa. Our company has since then become a strong Energy Group with the same passion for energy efficiens- Typical values for a Company in Vasa.

Vasa Elektriska employees need Electric Arc and Flame Retardant protective clothing that fulfill the European standards. Our highest priority is our employees safety. Durable Workwear with high standards are part of our basic sustainability values.

We have always felt that Finnteho really want to take good care of the customers. We get fast and pleasant service with the deep knowledge our industry needs, says Kari Rantala.



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Logset has co worked with FinnTeho since 2008. The workwear delivered by FinnTeho are sold by Logset throughout the world via the webshop of our company.

FinnTeho is a flexible and reliable supplier. The workwear deliver by FinnTeho are high quality clothes, just like Logsets products are. We are grateful for the excellent service and we really enjoy co-working with FinnTeho, says Lars-Erik Nässlin from logset



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Ravera is pleased with the good service FinnTeho is providing. Ravera personnel is working in extreme climate conditions were the personal safety equipment including clothing must be of high quality.

The brands available at FinnTeho ensure safe, protective, and comfortable clothing for Ravera personnel.

Almost always everything is in stock, new employees can be equipped with personal safety clothing in just minutes, company logo can also be printed while waiting. Leif Smeds, CEO Oy Ravera Ab

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Tekniq has used FinnTehos services and work equipment since 2013. We are really pleased with the co-operation and we can strongly recommend FinnTehos services. 

The service is great, we get fast deliveries, the clothes are durable and all the strictest safety regulations are met. We value strongly our staff's security. 


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Ab Gräv BBJ Kaivu Oy

BBJ is a family business that offers everything in geotechnical work and earth construction. We offer an overall concept which means that we take care of everything that affects your project in order for you to save time and money.

The seasons we have in Finland place hard demands on work clothes. The work clothes need to be comfortable and flexible all year round. FinnTeho's staff provides us with the knowledge and service so that our employees have the best conditions to perform their work.